Robotic Stingray Powered by Rat Muscle Tissue

No. This isn’t science fiction. This nickel sized robot was just unveiled by a Harvard Engineer. This project offers a radical new choice in the industry of robotics, which has progressively looked to utilize soft materials to imitate the innate and calibrated development of animals. As indicated by an outside roboticist addressing Popular Mechanics, the utilization of rat muscle tissue was vital to building the stingray robot, which would have been bigger and less maneuverable if produced using standard motors and electronics.

The light-controlled ‘biohybrid’ is part of a mission to ultimately construct an artificial heart. A team of engineers have unveiled a frankly bizarre new “biohybrid” robot modeled on a stingray. The swimming robot is controlled by light cues and is constructed of a gold skeleton, two layers of silicon,and a mesh of genetically engineered rat muscles. […]