What is IOE? Here’s what you need to know about the Internet of Everything [List]

What started as a new medium called the Internet has shifted to a revolution that includes the Internet of Things, the world of eCommerce, video and a lot more. In a nutshell, every part of our lives is getting simpler – and better. That revolution is called the Internet Of Everything (IoE). But what does it aim to solve?

Internet of Everything

As humans, we always felt the need to be more connected. Although it is a digitalized medium, the Internet has let us solve that problem and engage in a new way of working, entertaining, shopping or just engaging with the community and sharing new ideas.

The Internet of Everything is a big puzzle with so many pieces in it – each of which disrupting the traditional mechanisms and industries as we speak. It is basically a new technology that changes how we use our devices, how we buy products and how we offer our services in the digital space.

Technically, the Internet of Everything as a new revolution, has had a major influence on retail, lighting, farming, dynamic pricing, transportation, healthcare, banking and insurance as well as forests. IT has changed each industry and gave it a new meaning, digitalizing it and aiming to solve problems, whether you’re shopping for educational loans or auto insurance to new clothes to conference calling services to the food you eat and even finding the best culinary schools in California.

Here are nine ways the Internet of Everything (IoE) has pitched a new revolution and started changing the world and its traditional scope:
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