Disrupting Alcohol: Top 9 Kava Bars in the US

Disrupting Alcohol: Top 9 Kava Bars in the US

If you like your night life but don’t necessarily enjoy alcohol and its aftermath, kava bars may be your solution.  Kava is a non-alcoholic drink made from kava roots from the South Pacific. It is not exceedingly popular in the USA but it’s fast catching on.  People seem to enjoy the relaxing yet sober feeling that one gets from it while most say it tastes pretty good.  Perhaps it’s because it’s a new experience or the huge rave about its medicinal value to insomnia and anxiety, but the few kava bars we have seem to really buzz in the evening.  If you are intrigued, here is a list of the top 9 kava bars in the USA;


1. Island Root 1 and 11, Florida

This is a cozy place in south Melbourne opened in 2011 by a local surfer. The place became a hit and led him to open a second joint in North Melbourne. They serve kava tea, cold kava and cold kava pops during summer. It’s an alcohol free place that has a large TV and constant music for the homies who like to chat and dance until late.

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