‘Hacking’ the brain

Silicon Valley entrepreneurs turn to fasting and ‘smart drugs’to give them a competitive edge.

Woo and other business visionaries are utilizing fasts and different herbal recipies to “hack” their brain chemistry like they would a PC, wanting to give themselves an edge as they endeavor to create the next billion-dollar business. Referred to by insiders as “biohacking,” the push for intellectual peak performance is picking up force in the Silicon Valley tech world, where laborers face the ongoing stress to create and innovate ideas at a breakneck pace.

Employees at San Francisco startup Nootrobox don’t eat on Tuesdays. The weekly fast isn’t an extreme money-saving move by a scrappy, bootstrapping company. Instead, Nootrobox team members swear withholding food for 36 hours — they stop eating Monday night — improves their workplace focus and concentration."We’re actually super productive

While many believe that the benefits of nootropics and other biohacking companies far outweigh the bad, some experts are worried about the unregulated use of potent synthetic smart drugs and their long-term effects on health overall. However, smart drugs are not the only way to biohack yourself to a superhuman. Check out the video below.

Cyborgs are real. Seriously.