5 Sci-Fi Products That Will Blow Your Mind


2. MoonWalker, the Anti-Gravity Boots


Kids have been able to play with bouncy shoes for a good while, but it’s a safe bet that none of them made it over their neighbors’ fence, let alone to the moon.  The new MoonWalker boots won’t make that happen, either, though the tradeoff is that their bounciness is a step above.

The boots — created by Moonshine Crea, and fully crowdfunded — make use of rare-earth magnets to create repelling forces.  As a result, it’s possible to recreate the effect of walking on the moon or other low-gravity settings — or if not that, then it’s the equivalent of wearing built-in pogo sticks.  Moonshine Crea plans to show off more footage in the months to come, and ultimately launch the boots this August.
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