Harry Potter Style Photos

Whoa! Harry Potter style photos? Really?

What could be better than having your pictures come to life and interact with you? This AR application can do just that, much like the pictures in the Harry Potter series. Basically, it speeds up computer animation. It’s changing the art world, but more importantly, this is going to change advertising in a big way.

Imagine if you were able to point your smartphone, tablet or augmented reality (AR) headset at a still image, and watch it come to life before your very eyes. […]

Most current augmented reality applications are created for one specific image. However, this particular application can identify a cat (or whatever), create a 3D version of that cat, and produce a realistic animation of that cat jumping off the photo into the real world.

Check out this video.

However, while we have seen it done before, typically it has been limited to just one or two select images — for instance, as a tool for animating advertising billboards. Researchers from the University of Washington and Facebook have built something that’s a whole lot more versatile. […]

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