Extended Reality is Big Business

Get ready to merge the physical and virtual worlds. Imagine being able to try out furniture in your house or try on a watch from the comfort of your own home. That’s exactly what Ikea and Rolex are able to do through the technological miracle of Extended Reality. You can place a rug or a couch in your house from IKEA or HOUZZ and see if looks good in your room, merely by using your smartphone. You can put a Rolex on your wrist and see if you like the way it looks with your smartphone. Welcome to the world of Extended Reality.

By 2022, the XR market is expected to reach $209 billion, which is eight times what it is today.

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Retail, health care, training, remote work, marketing, real estate, entertainment are a few of the businesses that will benefit from the application of XR.

If you want a great primer on XR, check out this infographic.