Fake News Articles Generated by AI

Yikes! As if the news wasn’t already somewhat treacherous to read online. This website, NotRealNews.net, generates AI written articles posted as real stories.

The website is the brainchild of Big Bird, an AI development company. It showcases the company’s algorithms specifically developed to help journalists write news articles at a lightning-fast speed. It’s supposed to help journalists save time by using article templates generated by AI. The journalists would then edit the articles fixing the errors.

The website’s landing page looks like a regular news site with a host of realistic-looking news stories. Take a peek here. We can see the future of news writing on the wall with this technology. On the upside of things, think of how many articles you could crank out with the help of this algorithm. One person could publish a whole magazine in record time. However, the skeptic in us makes us wonder about the future of AI writing the news, especially if it was based entirely on feedback loops.

It bears stating clearly: this is dangerous. Articles on the website contain fictional updates from the U.S. presidential race. Some are misinformation about the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, a news cycle that’s already full of confusing and sometimes conflicting reports.[…]

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